Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is all about keeping customers engaged with what your business is doing, and what it could do for them. With Google increasingly focussing on relevance and quality, the dark arts of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) are now being replaced by effective digital marketing.

Digital Marketing

So what does digital marketing entail?

It’s all about interacting with your customers online on a consistent and professional basis, across a range of online services, and giving the search engines reasons to index your online content and push you up the search rankings.

For example, maintaining a regular blog can do wonders for your website. Each time you post, you can share the entry with customers via social networks, giving people a reason to visit your site. Furthermore, every blog post gives Google another reason to pay attention to your site and include you in the search rankings, especially if the content is relevant and of a high quality.

You may wonder what on earth you’d blog about, but blog entries can be anything from helpful lists of tips, specific to your industry and services, to case studies of work you’ve done for clients.

And where do we come in?

With two professional writers on the team, we can do your digital marketing for you. We can produce anything from one-off posts to a regular package of monthly content. And we can handle everything from researching search-friendly keywords, to writing, editing, publishing and sharing the new content.

Our monthly digital marketing packages start at just £199 per month. Even the cheapest package means your website benefits from a fresh new update once every week. For many business sectors, just one good new client brought in as a result of your campaign can easily justify the cost. Indeed many companies choose to spend far more than this – with some choosing to update their sites daily.

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