IT Audits

Our IT audits were developed in response to a suggestion from a long-term client. Since then, they’ve provided reassurance and advice to a range of different businesses.

IT Audits

IT is a rather unique business function; it’s absolutely essential for the running of most companies, yet often not fully understood (or hardly understood at all) by the management team.

For many small businesses, this means putting everything in the hands of “the IT guy.” Sometimes this works well, but frequently that “IT guy” is a computer-whizz without much business acumen. Often, shortcomings only come to light when there’s a technical disaster, such as a prolonged period of downtime or an unexpected loss of data.

This is where our IT audits come in. Typically, we come to your premises and spend several hours on site. We have a good look at the servers, settings, and error logs; then we chat to members of management about IT strategy, and general members of staff about how well their technology works. We even take a look at a few individual PCs and laptops to check everything is set up right.

Once this is done, we go away and prepare a detailed report, complete with recommended action points to work through with your current IT support provider.

Here are just some of the scary things we’ve discovered during past audits:

  • Backups that have been failing for months without the IT provider noticing, resulting in the potential loss of huge amounts of client data.
  • Security configurations allowing general staff access into financial and HR records.
  • Expired server warranties leaving businesses with the risk of days of lost productivity should some hardware fail.
  • Finance staff failing to back up payroll data due to a lack of training.
  • IT technicians only reacting to problems as they happen and not providing any proactive advice to the client. (This comes up in almost every audit!)

If the thought of things like this don’t give you sleepless nights as a business owner, you must be very comfortable with the idea of risk!

Our IT audits aren’t intended to disturb your current support provision. They’re there to give you peace of mind and reassurance that nothing’s being missed, and to help you work with your IT provider towards more proactive and strategic IT management.

With our transparent pricing, our IT audits are also very affordable. Contact us for further information.