Why I Recommend Full Disk Encryption to All Clients

“Full disk encryption” is one of those techie terms that often sees my clients’ eyes glaze over with boredom. I cannot pretend it’s an exciting topic, but it’s an essential one for anyone who uses computers for business, and something you cannot afford to ignore. Let me explain why: You may well think that because[…]

Mobile Websites with WordPress

Five Reasons why we Build Our Websites with WordPress

 At Responsive, we now build all of our customer websites with WordPress, and in this short article we’re going to tell you why we do. WordPress started out as a relatively simple blogging system, but over the years it’s developed into a comprehensive website building and content management platform. Are you concerned that it might[…]

Cheapest laptops

The Cheapest Laptops – Three Reasons to Avoid them

I’ve been asked to find the cheapest laptops available by several clients over my time as an IT consultant. When I was first starting out in business and perhaps a little too eager to please, I went out of my way to oblige, spending countless (often unpaid) hours trying to save a little extra money.[…]