Five Reasons why we Build Our Websites with WordPress

 At Responsive, we now build all of our customer websites with WordPress, and in this short article we’re going to tell you why we do.

WordPress started out as a relatively simple blogging system, but over the years it’s developed into a comprehensive website building and content management platform.

Websites with WordPress

Are you concerned that it might not meet your needs and that you still need a developer to build you something from scratch? If so, perhaps the fact that WordPress is good enough for The New York Times, Sony and Forbes will reassure you?

Here are the five key reasons for our decision to build all of our customer websites with WordPress:

  1. WordPress websites are hugely flexible

Thanks to thousands of themes, plugins and widgets, there’s nothing a WordPress website cannot be made to do.

Beautiful photo galleries are easy to implement, social networking integration is simple, and the platform’s origins in blogging make it ideal for article / blog marketing, arguably the very best (current) way to keep your customers engaged.

  1. WordPress sites are easy for customers to update

The days when updating your site meant calling (and paying) the Web developer are long gone.

When we make websites with WordPress, we hand them over complete with guidance on how you can add your own articles and change key details – so there’s no need to budget for superficial changes.

  1. “Mobile friendly” sites are simple to build with WordPress

With around half of Web browsing now taking place from mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones, and even consoles and Smart TVs, your business simply cannot ignore this trend and stick with a website that only looks right on a computer screen.

Mobile Websites with WordPress

Thankfully, WordPress sites can be designed from the ground up as “responsive,” so they tailor themselves to whatever device they’re accessed on.

If you’ve spent any time browsing the web on your phone, you will likely have seen for yourself the difference between a responsive and non-responsive site…

Most large companies have this sorted now, but many SMEs are still lagging behind. The need to catch up is now urgent, because Google have started penalising non mobile-friendly sites in their search results.

  1. There are thousands of beautiful themes available

Websites made with WordPress begin with a theme that dictates the basic look and feel of the site.

There are thousands of themes out there, many of which are highly customisable. You can choose from any of the themes out there as the basis for your website.

  1. WordPress websites are easy to revamp at a later date

It’s always worth overhauling your business website every two or three years, both to keep up with design trends and to retain the interest of your customers.

With WordPress, doing this doesn’t mean going back to the Web firm and starting again. You can generally just choose a new theme and migrate across, leaving all your content in tact.

WordPress has transformed the Web design industry, and levelled the playing field for smaller businesses. You no longer need to spend thousands of pounds on a professional looking website. In fact, an attractive responsive site (rather like this one!) could cost you less than £1000! Contact us to find out more.

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